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Welcome to the website of my massage practice. I am happy to serve you with a relaxing massage. Tell me what your needs are and I will tailor a treatment for you.

Massage is very versatile. It not only provides relaxation but also resolves often painful conditions. Think for example of lower back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.


What could be more delightful than enjoying a relaxing massage? A massage is time to recharge, time completely for yourself. It promotes the production of “feel-good” hormones that provide peace, relaxation and a good feeling. A relaxed body helps you to relax, which in turn helps to break the negative spiral of stress and physical complaints.

As a bonus, after a relaxing massage you usually sleep like a rose. The next morning you wake up feeling relaxed again.

I think it’s a shame that people only think of complaint treatment when they think of a massage practice. You can really relax with a relaxation massage or a foot reflexology massage.

Complaint-oriented massage

Complaint-oriented massage is aimed at addressing a specific complaint. This can be a pain complaint but also a movement complaint. I not only massage the complaint area but also the areas around it. I look beyond the problem area. The parts of the body are connected and support each other. Through the used massage techniques I activate the recovery mechanism of the body.

Look in the complaints menu to see an overview of the conditions I treat in my massage practice. You’ll be surprised!

Massage can also be an addition to a treatment by a specialist. The massage then complements that treatment and thus accelerates recovery. Please discuss this in advance.

We also have people in our practice who need a massage regularly because of their profession. Think of professions like: hairdresser, dentist, cashier etc. This group of people often makes the same movements or they work in an incorrect posture.

Stress is also an important reason for complaints. The stress then searches for a weak point in the body and causes problems there. It is also advisable to have regular massages for these complaints to prevent them from getting worse.


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I hope to welcome you in my massage practice!