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About Gertjan

Gertjan Koetsier

My name is Gertjan Koetsier and I have been working in ICT for years. I am married to Judith and together we have four children of adolescent age.

I found out that the busy ICT life, if you don’t build in proper relaxation, causes a lot of (work) stress. My position also placed me further and further away from customers. As a result, I could no longer see what my hard work was accomplishing.

Because people close to me needed massage and it was on my wish list, I started giving massages. I liked massaging so much that I “never” stopped. At first I started with relaxation and classical massage, but later on I added more and more complaint-oriented massages.

Keeping knowledge up to date is a must

To help everyone as good as possible I follow one or more courses every year to learn new techniques. I also train with colleagues once a month. We not only practice new techniques but also discuss which technique we should use in a certain situation.

Extra attention for the client

With me, a massage does not stop when the treatment time is over. I’ll just finish the treatment if I have to.

I also do aftercare so that there is an optimal treatment plan when you come for a follow-up treatment. I consult with colleagues and also look for possible alternative treatment techniques that would work better in this specific case. A current example is the treatment of corona complaints.

It can also happen that I refer a client to a specialist, for example because complaints keep coming back.

Opening hours

The opening hours of the company are in the evening and on weekends. This will continue to be the case even when I spend extra time massaging. I believe there should be the possibility of massage after working hours. And I also think that you can’t really enjoy a relaxation massage if you have chores to do afterwards (then the relaxing feeling is quickly gone).

Massage is just a nice thing to do

I enjoy being able to help people recover or relax in a natural way. The good results and the contact with people make this nice work a relaxation in itself. Never thought that Gertjan the ICT-er would find the work as a masseur so great!

I hope to be able to transfer some of this pleasure in my massages to you.