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Back pain


A common complaint is back pain. About 80 percent of all adults experience back pain at some point. Although it is very painful, in 95% of the cases it will go away without you having to do anything extra.

Normally, within a few weeks (1-3), there is a marked decrease in your pain and obstructions. It turns out that in 60-90% of the people the back pain recovers well just by consciously or unconsciously dealing with the pain.

Massage helps reduce acute symptoms and speeds up recovery.

Keep moving!

The advice for this type of pain is: “Keep moving”. Back pain does not mean that there is damage in your back. This knowledge should give you the strength to keep moving.

The body has its own ability to recover, but you need to use it by continuing to move. So you don ‘t have to force anything, but you do need to keep moving!

Staying on your bed or couch not only stiffens your back, it reduces your muscle strength and fitness. By doing so, you significantly increase the chance of lower back pain!

Different types of back pain

The list of types of back pain is very long and can be divided into two groups, namely back pain caused by improper loading of the back also called a-specific back pain and back pain caused by an abnormality or disease also called specific back pain.

Specific back pain

Fortunately, only a very small proportion of back pain is the result of an illness or disease. These are usually chronic conditions that cause long-term back and pain symptoms. Some of these symptoms are very rare. Consider the following abnormalities and diseases:

A-specific back pain

The vast majority of all back problems are the result of improper loading of the back. This causes different types of back pain such as:

  • Low back pain better known as lower back pain
  • High back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Hernia
  • Lumbago
  • Si blockage
  • Stiff back

With the help of exercises or a good massage you can speed up recovery. And massage can be especially helpful when you suffer from a blocked or stiff back.

The origin of a specific back pain

In 95% of cases of low back pain, there is no clearly identifiable cause, after which the medics speak of A-specific back pain. A-specific back pain is the pain you feel in the lower part of your back, from the buttock crease to the lower ribs. No less than 70% of the Dutch population will experience this type of pain at some point in their lives, usually between the ages of 35 and 64. This is not strange because it is precisely this part of the back that must bear the most weight. On top of this comes the fact that we spend most of our lives sitting down.

The biggest mistake made, and also the most stressful, is the fact that we lift with our backs instead of our legs. Picking something up off the ground without sinking to the knees, for example. As a result, working structurally from the back inevitably results in back pain.

Causes of non-specific back pain

The exact causes of A-specific back pain are not really known. It is suspected that this has to do with an overload of the pain-sensitive structures in and around the spine such as the joints, muscles, nerves and intervertebral discs. Without being able to point it out specifically, there are important factors that significantly increase the risk of lower back pain:

  • Only do sedentary work (office work, for example)
  • Heavy physical work and/or lifting heavy loads
  • Regular twisting and/or bending of the trunk
  • Little to no movement
  • Overweight
  • Weak abdominal and back muscles
pressure on the spine

Why Massage Practice Koetsier?

Because back pain is one of the most common conditions, a specialization has been followed to be able to remedy the symptoms even better.

Massage Practice Koetsier has achieved good results in solving or drastically relieving these pain symptoms. This can prevent major back surgery.