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Connective tissue complaints

connective tissue

There are many complaints that have to do with the connective tissue. These problems are very different: movement limitations, intestinal problems, headaches, cellulite, cold arms and feet, malfunctioning organs, etc.

Often the cause of these problems is that the connective tissue no longer functions properly or has attached itself incorrectly to parts of the body over time. It is now necessary to intervene to restore this tissue to its proper condition and shape.

What is connective tissue

Connective tissue is tissue that is present in many places in our body. It takes care of keeping organs, blood vessels and nerves in place. It helps protect these structures from external pressure. It also keeps organs, blood vessels and nerves in place through fascia. Connective tissue is also often found around the organs themselves. For example, it helps determine the shape of organs. Finally, it also plays a role in the nutrition of cells, namely by allowing oxygen and nutrients to pass through.

Fascia is a form of connective tissue that attaches like a thin web all the structures of the body. It connects our muscles, joints, organs, bloodstreams and nerve tissue. It thus makes our body into a coherent functioning whole.

Overview of the possible complaints

The following problems are also related to problems in the connective tissue layer and can be treated:

Addressing the problems

By means of connective tissue massage I can effectively treat any connective tissue problem. You notice a difference already after the first treatment.

Since the body has to reconfigure itself, the treatment consists of several sessions.

It is possible that the first and sometimes the second time the body reacts quite violently. Don’t be alarmed by that. The body is recovering and this can cause, for example, extra pain.

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