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Hay fever

Medical taping for hay fever

Do you suffer from hay fever in the spring (and now also in the winter)? A runny nose, stuffy nose, itchy palate, frequent sneezing, burning and/or watery eyes, and a dry cough. All complaints that can be present with hay fever. It is therefore logical that people who suffer from this often also complain about fatigue and the feeling of being sick. The whole body seems to be upset during the hay fever period.

What is hay fever?

Allergic symptoms in the airways are caused by a reaction of the immune system to the inhalation of pollen. An example of pollen is the grass pollen that floats freely in the air. “Hay fever” is the term we use to describe these allergic symptoms, the medical name is allergic rhinitis. The symptoms (sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, etc.) are very similar to cold symptoms.

About a quarter of the European population suffers from an inhalation allergy. For these patients, hay fever is one of the main reasons for contacting a doctor.

Why medical taping

One of the main effects of hay fever is that it irritates lung tissue. This irritated tissue causes an irritation of the nervous system.
These stimulated nerves have a link to a certain part of the back. Therefore, the tissue around this part of the back reacts. Medical Taping has its influence on this connective tissue.
When we tape the connective tissue in this part of the back 24 hours a day the lungs will respond positively (less stimuli).

In addition, the respiratory muscles will become tense with excessive coughing and sneezing. Because these muscles are constantly tense, they will put tension on the entire lung system. The lung tissue that is already irritated by hay fever will now also find it difficult to recover due to this stress.


I apply tape to the respiratory muscles affected by hay fever. The body gets used to this and comes to rest. After one and certainly after two tapings a clear improvement will be visible.