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Neck pain

neck pain

If you suffer from neck pain, it can have a major impact on your ability to function at home or at work. Neck pain is a common complaint. It is estimated that as much as 50% of the population will be affected. If your neck problems do not recover by themselves, then Massage Practice Koetsier can offer a solution.

Causes of neck pain

Neck pain can come on suddenly or gradually for various reasons. Perhaps you recognize yourself in one of the following examples:

  • wrong posture at your desk
  • working in the same position for long periods of time or in an uncomfortable position
  • often sit with an iPad or laptop on their lap
  • do a lot on your mobile phone
  • shrugging shoulders due to cold or stress
  • draught or air conditioning on the neck
  • accidents such as a collision (whiplash) or a fall
  • wear/arthritis of the neck.

These causes can cause the joints to stop moving properly and muscles to cramp, causing the pain.

Characteristics of neck pain

Often, neck pain feels like a nagging pain on one or both sides of the neck or on top of the shoulders. It may be that you notice that you cannot move your neck as well as you should, such as when looking around in the car or on the bicycle. Muscles feel tight and sometimes you may even hear a crackling sound while moving
Other symptoms you may experience from the neck:

  • dizziness
  • headache
  • shoulder pain
  • radiating pain to the arms
  • tingling in the hand or fingers
  • tinnitus or difficulty concentrating

Treatment of neck pain with immediate relief

We will discuss your symptoms during your first appointment. Then we look at your posture (now and in other situations such as work). With this information I choose the right treatment method. Often people experience an enormous relief after only 1 or 2 treatments.