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RSI complaints

RSI stands for Repetative Strain Injury. This means an injury caused by repeated strain. Because you repeat the same movement over and over, there is a continuous muscle tension. This causes muscle and joint problems. Because RSI is an umbrella term for many conditions, doctors prefer to name the condition specifically such as tennis elbow, mouse arm or carpal tunnel syndrome. This will tell you where the condition is.

These complaints can be easily treated with massage.

What are RSI complaints

RSI complaints can be recognized by pain in the shoulder, arm and/or hand. A body part is then stiff and painful. If you ignore the pain and continue with the movement that is causing the RSI pain, inflammation of the tendons and muscles can occur. This can even cause chronic pain.

Poor circulation

The blood flow in muscles during static work decreases to such an extent that the muscles only receive one fifth of the normal amount of oxygen. The body produces waste when the muscles are tense. With relaxation and good circulation, the body disposes of these waste products. When the blood flow is reduced for a long time, the body can’t get rid of the waste. This causes an accumulation of waste products in the muscle tissue which in many cases causes the first pain. When these symptoms worsen we speak of RSI symptoms.

Preventing RSI complaints

A well-equipped workplace is important in preventing RSI, but it is no guarantee. Many complaints arise from incorrect working posture. A high workload can accelerate the development of complaints.

prevent RSI

Tips for preventing RSI when working at a computer screen

  • Ensure that the workstation is set up correctly
  • Avoid as much as possible unilateral loading of the body
  • Change your work posture regularly
  • Turn the whole body (with chair) instead of just the torso
  • Get exercise every 20-40 minutes by alternating work and/or by scheduling several short breaks

Approach to RSI complaints

During the massage your neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands are firmly tackled. The joints are pulled apart as it were during this RSI massage. This creates space for the nerves, muscles and blood vessels. In this way the blood flow to the muscles increases and the oxygen supply is restored.

Creating space at joints and ligaments doesn’t happen overnight. Thus, several treatments will be required to correct this problem.