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Scar massage

Almost everyone has a scar somewhere on their body. After all, larger wounds or operations sometimes leave a scar. Most scars are harmless and cause little or no symptoms. Sometimes a scar can cause complaints like pain, a red colour etc. With these kinds of complaints, it is advisable to take action.

What’s a scar?

A scar is a visible spot in the skin that remains after a wound has healed. It occurs when the skin is recovering from damage. This may be due to an accident, skin condition or surgery. The more the skin is damaged, the longer the healing process takes. There is then a greater chance of a visible scar. In most cases, a scar will look a little red and thick at first.

It can take a long time (up to 18 months) for the scar to become less noticeable.

What types of scars are there?

scar on top of shoulder
  • Immature: A possibly itchy and/or painful red/pink scar that is slightly raised.
  • Mature: An old scar, usually these are not so noticeable and are thin and slightly lighter than the skin.
  • Hypertrophic: this type is common in younger people. It is red, thickened and possibly itches or hurts. This type of scarring occurs a few weeks after the wound was there and can heal spontaneously. However, this can take a long time.
  • Keloid: These scars can be recognized by their hard bumps and large irregular shape. It is always larger than the wound and can be red or dark colored. They can occur in anyone, but usually in younger people or those with darker skin tones. They can occur after any kind of wound, but also for example after an inflamed hair follicle.
  • Atrophic: These usually form a pit. The most well-known form of this are the scars after acne and chicken pox.

Possible complaints

Complaints arise when the scar:

  • is actually getting bigger
  • remains red, dark and thick
  • causes discomfort, itching or pain
  • causes a movement restriction
  • cosmetic concerns

Actually, everyone should undergo connective tissue massage after a medical procedure. That would save a lot of misery and unsightly disfigurement of your body! Medical procedures such as surgery and radiation cause scars in the various layers of skin and connective tissue. This scar tissue is not only unsightly on the outside, but can also cause subcutaneous adhesions. These adhesions result in pain and functional disorders.
Well-known examples are:

  • pain when moving the arm after breast cancer surgery,
  • back pain after abdominal surgery,
  • abdominal pain after back surgery,
  • less power and
  • fluid accumulation.

Risks of not treating scars

We know from recent research that scar tissue in the abdomen after surgery increases the risk of death!
Scars are caused by medical interventions or accidents. These continue to invoke the body’s repair mechanism and constantly create new structures. This means that we need to keep checking scars annually. This way you can prevent new problems in time.

Addressing the problems

By means of connective tissue massage, cupping and medical taping I can effectively treat a scar problem. You notice a difference after the first treatment. The kinesio tape I use continues to work even after the treatment.

I don’t believe in surgery (creating another scar) or radiation of any kind. What I do believe in is activating the natural processes in the body. The risks are then also generally the lowest.

Since the body must recover, the treatment consists of several sessions (a cure). The time between treatments is one week.