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Corona protocol


Since March 2020, we have been dealing with the extremely contagious COVID-19 (the new corona virus) in the Netherlands. For our safety, I have introduced a number of protective measures for my massage practice. I follow the guidelines of the RIVM, as developed for physiotherapists and other paramedics.

The following protocol applies if you receive massage in the massage practice:

  • upon arrival, we disinfect our hands with disinfectant gel
  • we keep 1.5 meters distance
  • Only come when you feel good and healthy. If in doubt cancel (the 24 hour cancelation rule does not apply).
  • I stick to the appointment time (to avoid further contact with others and to be able to clean)
  • Come alone (at the appointment). Unless you depend on guidance
  • after departure everything that has been touched is cleaned.

If you are unsure whether it is possible for you to get a massage, please discuss this with me before making your reservation.