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Classical massage

classic massage

Classical massage, also called Swedish massage, is seen by many people as the basis of Western massage. The massage techniques developed by Pehr Henrik Ling are still the guiding principles for many forms of massage today. The massage is aimed at relaxing and activating the muscles. But also to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It also has a cleansing effect on the body. All these things stimulate the self-healing capacity of the body.

The Classical Massage uses slow, stretching movements. The masseur kneads and rubs along with the blood flow in the direction of the heart. Besides the treatment of the skin, the joints are also “massaged”.

To be able to pick up and stretch the muscles the masseur does not use massage oil with this form of massage.

A classic massage helps with complaints such as:

  • stress, fatigue
  • insomnia
  • back pain
  • painful joints
  • Sore or tender neck and shoulders
  • muscle pain
  • restless legs (see the page on leg pain)
  • headaches (there is a special headache massage)
  • RSI complaints (more information is available on the RSI page)

The massage feels great for tiredness and aching muscles. But even if you feel good about yourself, this form of massage can be very pleasant. This massage is therefore also suitable for anyone who wants to take good care of themselves and wants a moment for themselves. The classic massage and the relaxation massage are the two most popular forms of massage.