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Connective tissue massage

connective tissue massage

Connective tissue massage is aimed at restoring the natural mobility of the skin. Therefore, this massage is not focused on the muscles but on the connective tissue. Connective tissue provides support to all organs and systems in the body. So it also gives support to the muscles.

Especially with (chronic) pain complaints, deformations occur in the connective tissue around the painful spot. There is already increasing scientific evidence that these deformities play an important role in the development of the symptoms.

Connective tissue massage has many benefits for the skin, muscles and organs, which is why a masseur often applies this massage. The complaints you can treat with this massage will surprise you. Read on…

What can you treat with connective tissue massage?

The following complaints can be treated with connective tissue massage:

How does a connective tissue massage work?

connective tissue massage

First, the masseur will discuss with you your physical condition, your mental state and any medication you are taking. These affect the treatment.

Next is a back examination in which you sit on the massage table. The masseur lifts or pushes the connective tissue of the back into folds. That way he can determine where the possible problem areas are.

There are various forms of connective tissue massage:

  • The superficial technique. Gently touching the skin with the fingertips.
  • Rolling of the skin folds. This will free the connective tissues from the underlay. This can feel like sharp pain.
  • Tracing in the skin folds with the fingertips. This too can feel sharp and cutting.

Depending on the complaints, a connective tissue massage takes ten minutes to a maximum of three quarters of an hour.

You often notice the effect immediately in the form of more mobility in the painful area. Especially after the first treatment you can have a sore feeling for 2 days which is normal. This bruising is because the massage breaks the fibres in the connective tissue, which is painful. This pain is felt especially when touching the treated area. You can still move normally.

The treatment

For a good result several connective tissue massages are necessary (a cure). After each massage you will notice that the problems decrease further. It is important to finish the cure. Otherwise, there is a good chance that the complaint will soon return.

The number of treatments cannot be indicated in advance. This number depends on the goal and the skin and muscle condition. But most people only need 3 or 4 treatments.