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cupping is done with these cups

Cupping is a way to draw toxins from deeper tissues to the skin surface. This thoroughly loosens blockages in the skin. The body will function better again. The latter gives a feeling of relaxation.

This technique has an enormous depth effect due to the strong vacuum. The area between the vertebrae can also be ‘loosened’, which is difficult to massage. Nowadays the cups are often made of silicone or hard plastic.

Cupping is often an addition to existing treatments. When the muscles are already warm, the depth of this form of massage comes into its own. In the rest of the article, I talk about the benefits of cupping.

Different forms of cupping

There are four forms of this treatment:

  • Dry cupping. First of all, the masseur will search for a trigger point/pain with his/her hand. He now places a cup at this point. A pump now pulls the skin up.
  • Trigger point Magnetic Cupping. First of all, the masseur will search for a trigger point with his hand. Once the point is found, he places a cup (with a magnet in it) on it. The pump then sucks air out of the cup, which causes the magnet to exert pressure on the point of pain. This treatment opens up the trigger point.
  • Cupping Massage. First, the masseur puts massage oil on the body. Then he will move a cup with moderate suction pressure over the skin until it softens, loosens and reddens.
  • Wet cupping (Blood Cupping). To begin with, the masseur applies Dry Cupping for 5 minutes to make it easier to suck blood from the body later on. After Dry cupping, the masseur opens the skin with small pricks with a needle and a pen. He puts the cup back in the same place on the skin. Then, the suction of the pump causes blood to come out of the opened skin, which would free the body of toxins. Massage Practice Koetsier does not use this technique because of the risks involved.

The Origin

In the past, cupping was used to suck poison from wounds through its vacuum action. Of course, at this time there were no plastic or glass cups. They probably used hollowed horns of animals. Exactly where and when the first form of cupping originated is unclear.

It is believed that this form of massage was developed in China, just like most massages. There are references to cupping, originating in China, in writings from the year 28 AD. This form of massage would not only have been used to remove poison from the body, but also to direct blood away from the place of surgery.

After China, this massage was applied in Egypt to speed up the healing of complaints. Here we are talking about complaints such as pain, dizziness, fever, reduced appetite and menstrual problems. The third country where the cupping massage appeared in history is Greece. From there the technique spread through Europe, eventually reaching the United States.

What can cupping help with?

Because of the enormous depth effect this massage proves to be very useful:

  • pain/movement limitations due to trigger points
  • shoulder, neck and back pain
  • migraine or headache
  • tension symptoms
  • (prolonged) stress
  • overload
  • flu and colds
  • bronchitis
  • burnout

Cupping is not only very relaxing, but also strongly detoxifying. This can be a solution to recover faster after a (long or short) illness and/or medication use.
In the treatment of Triggerpoints this form of massage can be an effective alternative to Dry Needling.