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Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a powerful form of massage that works deep on the body. During this massage the focus is on the muscles. Although the name might make you think that this massage is painful, this is usually not the case. Deep tissue massage offers many benefits due to its depth. In this article you can read more about it.

Benefits of a deep tissue massage

The masseur does not use oil during the massage. He uses his elbows, forearms, knuckles and fingers to apply pressure deep into the tissue. This deep pressure loosens muscle knots, stretches your muscles and brings the tissue back into place. After this intensive form of massage, you should drink good water to get rid of waste products.

In preparation of the deep tissue massage, the masseur first loosens the muscles. Otherwise he can’t work deep enough on your muscles with this massage.

Sometimes people associate this massage with pain. Performed by an expert masseur, this massage is definitely not painful or unpleasant. The masseur tailors the treatment to the client, thus avoiding a painful experience.


A deep tissue massage is very suitable for complaints such as a stiff neck, sore back or tired legs. The massage is also suitable for athletes who put a lot of strain on their muscles. Often the deeper muscles in this group of people cannot be reached. People with tough, thick skin structures also benefit from the positive effects of the massage.

The treatment

Deep Tissue massage is often a part of a treatment. Loose deep tissue massages are almost non-existent.

You will notice that with each massage the problems will decrease further. It is important to continue until the symptoms are gone. Otherwise, there is a good chance that the complaint will soon return.

The number of treatments cannot be indicated in advance. This number depends on the goal and the skin and muscle condition. But most people only need 3 or 4 treatments.