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Fibromassage is a massage especially for fibromyalgia patients. The aim of the massage is both to relieve pain and to encourage good deep sleep.

Research by the University of Miami has shown that this massage is one of the most beneficial Fibromyalgia treatments.

What does a massage do?

A massage can calm down body and mind and bring balance to the body. Through the massage breathing becomes deeper. Heart rate and blood pressure also drop. It also improves the uptake of oxygen in muscles and connective tissues. The natural painkiller, endorphins are released and stress, stiffness and pain in the body decrease. This can improve the quality of sleep.

Why Fibromassage?

Fibromassage is a very soft and very slow relaxation massage. The goal is to calm the body. A body in pain is always on the run. Through this gentle and relaxing massage, the body comes to rest again. This will get the recovery processes in the body going again.

Forms of Fibromassage

There are two forms of fibromassage with different purposes:

  • the prevention of pain
  • stimulating sleep

Fibromassage to counteract the pain

During this form of fibromassage the reduction of pain is the main goal. After measuring the pain spots and the pain level, the massage starts. The gentle massage relaxes the connective tissue and muscles. As a result, it relieves pain in tense and stiff points. After this, stretching exercises help the muscles to relax further.

Fibromassage to stimulate sleep

Three quarters of Fibromyalgia patients suffer from sleep disorders. The aim of this slow, rhythmic massage is complete relaxation. This will help you fall asleep quickly and better at home. Take this massage preferably as late as possible, so that you can go to sleep quickly after the massage.

How long does a massage last?

The first massage against pain will last maximum 20 minutes. Then the condition of the client determines how long a treatment can last. Please note that the duration of treatment is different for each person. Because it takes a number of times for the Fibromassage to work properly, the treatment is offered in the form of a course of treatment.