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Foot Reflexology massage

foot reflexology massage

Foot reflexology is a relaxing form of massage. You not only massage the foot but also other points in the body with your foot.

Did you know that the right foot represents your rational side, and the left foot represents your feeling side? On your feet are reflex areas. Those reflex areas are connected to the rest of your body. For example, there is a reflex area for the head, liver, back, you name it. If you massage such a reflex area intensively, the blood flow to the relevant organ or body part will increase. This removes the blockage in the body and allows the body to work on healing itself.

The history of foot reflexology

Foot Reflexology History

Reflexology (of the feet, but also of the hands, ears, neck and head) has been around for thousands of years, and is particularly practised in Eastern cultures such as those of China and India.

In the early twentieth century, American physician William Fitzgerald developed a Western variant, the zone therapy. In zone therapy, the body is divided into 10 vertical zones, 5 zones on the left and 5 zones on the right. The starting point of these zones is located in the hands and feet and the ending point is on the head. By massaging on 1 of those 10 tracks on the feet, you get an effect in that whole track up to the crown.

reflex zones

In the 1930s Eunice Ingham developed the work of Dr. Fitzgerald continued but, unlike him, she did not work with pressure on different parts of each zone. She mapped out the relationship of the feet to the various zones and therefore concentrated exclusively on the feet when treating the body.

foot reflexology massage card

What are the benefits of foot reflexology massage

Footreflexmassage does not only have a relaxing and pain relieving effect but it also has a preventive one.

Many people immediately think of an “itchy” feeling when treating the feet. A good foot reflexologist will treat the feet in such a way that it feels good. The gentle and firm massage provides relaxation

A foot reflexology massage has many benefits, including:

  • it has a relaxing and stress relieving effect
  • Stimulating the self-healing capacity of the body
  • the body gets rid of waste products
  • complaints and pain are reduced (sometimes a short exacerbation)
  • sleep becomes more restful

Did you know that your feet will take you around the world four times in your lifetime? So a little extra attention to your feet won’t hurt.

The treatment

Foot reflexology massage is a safe treatment for many complaints. The treatment is only via the feet so if you have painful spots (for example your belly) then massage is no problem at all.

Each treatment starts with an intake (for follow-up treatments a mini intake). The masseur will now loosen your feet and you will then receive a treatment of your entire body through your foot. The spots that need attention get an extra treatment. After this, the masseur will conclude the treatment in a relaxed manner.

A small selection of treatable complaints are:

  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • stress and fatigue
  • the lymphatic system
  • allergies
  • pain-related complaints
  • sinuses
  • menstrual complaints, pms, menopause

If you just want to relax, a foot reflexology massage is just as relaxing as a relaxation massage.