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Headache massage

headache massage

Headache massage is a form of relaxation massage. The goal is to reduce headaches. Massage can also help prevent headaches. Of course, almost all muscles of the head get attention during headache massage. But also the muscles in the back, neck and shoulders get care. People experience this massage as very relaxing.

The effects of headache massage:

  • prevention of headaches and migraine attacks
  • headache relief
  • supple facial, neck and shoulder muscles
  • an improvement of blood and lymph circulation
  • improvement of sleep
  • Reduce or remove blockages
  • improvement of the immune system
  • Massage releases the so-called happy hormone ‘oxytocin’. This hormone provides a general feeling of well-being

What form of headache massage do you choose?

If you want to reduce headaches? Then choose a 30-minute treatment for the head and neck.

Do you also want to reduce the risk of headaches? Then a treatment of one hour is recommended. The back and the shoulders are also treated. The application of connective tissue or deep tissue massage, among others, helps to remove blockages. Connective tissue massage can be somewhat painful.

In case of a migraine attack or severe headache attack, it is not recommended to undergo a massage. If in doubt, consult your GP.

If you want to know more about headaches check out the headache page.

Treating headaches

Just one headache massage can provide relief. But if you want to achieve optimal results then repetition is necessary. This will keep the muscles of your shoulders, neck and head supple. After two to three times massage there is a clearly noticeable improvement.

To prevent recurrence or aggravation it is recommended to repeat this massage about once a month.