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Hot stone massage

hot stone massage

A hot stone massage is a massage of the body with stones that are heated to approximately 45 degrees Celcius. Hence the name hot stone. The heat and ‘pressure’ of the stones penetrate deep into the muscles. The massage also relieves tension and gives you a lot of energy afterwards.

At the beginning of the massage a number of hot stones are placed on your body. After this, the masseur will continue to massage you with warm stones, warm oil and hands. This massage is difficult to explain with words, but one that you must have experienced once!

What are hot stones

hot stones

The hot stone massage stones are basalt stones from Hawaii, Mexico, Madeira and Sicily. They are formed from the hot lava of volcanoes, after which they have lain in riverbeds or in the sea for centuries, giving them beautiful, smooth, round shapes! The flatter the stones the better the contact.

Basalt is a hard and ferruginous volcanic rock with a high density. This allows the stones to retain heat well. That is why they are used in hot stone massage.

For whom is the hot stone massage suitable?

This massage is recommended for acute and chronic muscle problems and for people with muscle, joint and/or nerve pains, poor circulation, burn-out or general fatigue. Besides that, hot stone massage is suitable for everyone who wants to pamper his body.

Please note: if the outside temperature is high, a hot stone massage is not possible. The reason for this is that your body temperature can become too high and your body will have no way to cool down.