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Relaxation massage

how do you feel after a relaxation massage?

Relaxation massage is one of the best known forms of massage. It is a massage where the focus is purely on relaxation. This will help you relax physically and mentally. Read about the benefits of this form of relaxation.


The relaxation massage is a classic massage. The treatment has been around for over a thousand years. The first mention of massage comes from China (25 centuries before Christ). But this massage was also known in ancient Egypt and in the time of the Romans and the Greeks.

The word massage has Arabic origins. It is again derived from the word ‘mass’ which means to touch. This word eventually changed to the French word ‘masser’.

The massage

The masseur uses different techniques during the massage, such as gentle strokes, shaking, kneading and vibrations. All these techniques stimulate not only the circulation of the tissues and muscles but also the removal of waste. The relaxation massage restores the self-healing capacity of the body.

The gentle movements ensure that you slowly but surely relax completely. Oil is used in this massage to make the movements even more fluid. The latter enhances the relaxing effect even more.

During this massage your body and mind will relax again. The tensions you have built up flow away and you feel reborn. This will also make you function better and make you feel fitter.

When relaxation massage

Many people have stressful lives and hardly ever take time for themselves. Therefore, during that busy time, this type of massage can be very beneficial. To stay in balance you need to relax regularly. A relaxation massage is very suitable for this purpose.

A regular relaxation massage has a preventive effect on your physical and mental health. This will protect you from many complaints. Think of stiff muscles, sleeplessness and overtiredness.

Many people come by once a month for a relaxation massage. Just relax and loosen the muscles. A monthly highlight.