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Slimming massage

slimming massage

The slimming massage is an intense massage technique that makes cellulite disappear. It also tightens the skin of the hip, buttocks, thighs and abdomen. Connective tissue grips, such as chopping and kneading, loosen up the tissue and make it more supple.

The massage is suitable for almost every healthy person. With this massage you do not lose weight, but you lose centimeters in size.

Slimming massage can be seen as an alternative to the well-known liposuction. The firm and deep massage technique not only makes the skin more beautiful but also reduces the size. Another positive side effect is that you often feel more energetic after a weight loss treatment.

What the treatment entails

Slimming massage is an intense form of connective tissue massage. Especially in the beginning the massages can be painful. During the last massages the pain is much less because the skin is better supplied with blood and is more supple.

If you choose a slimming massage, you can choose between 2 zones:

  • buttocks and legs or
  • abdomen and arms.

Note: Too many toxins are released to treat multiple zones at once. This can lead to headaches and less optimal results.

The slimming massage of one zone lasts 30 minutes. For best results, a course of ten treatments in five weeks is optimal. So this means that you come in twice a week to have the area treated.

At the end of the massage a wrap can be applied to the treated area. This gasket consists of a body contour gel that is sealed with wrapping film. Due to the composition of seaweed extracts and essential oils, this gel has a tightening effect on the skin and the waste is better disposed of. Your skin also feels wonderfully supple after the wrap.

To keep track of your results we will measure your size at the beginning, halfway and at the end of the treatment in order to make your progress visible.

After the cure, it is necessary to have a separate slimming massage once every one or two months to keep the skin beautiful. This number is different for each person.

Because many people are curious about a patient’s experiences, I asked a patient to create a blog

Benefits of slimming massage

Besides losing inches in size, there are other benefits to weight loss massage:

  • it contributes to a better self-image
  • you get a nice smoother tighter skin
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Cleansing of waste and accumulated moisture
  • you feel more energetic and fitter
  • it promotes your health

And now on

Weight loss massage is not something that is permanent: you have to do repeat treatments (once a month or two months).

If you keep on living the same way, chances are all the work has been for nothing. It is therefore best to make permanent changes to your lifestyle.

Sport, exercise, rest and healthy eating are the best way to lose weight. But weight loss massage can be a good start and it is definitely good for self-confidence.

I like to think along with you how to proceed after the massage cure.