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Sports massage

sports massage

The name says it all, this is a massage aimed at people who often exercise and benefit from a quick muscle recovery. But how exactly does a sports massage differ from a regular massage?

What is sports massage

Sports massage is a powerful massage intended to quickly restore balance to the athlete’s body. In this massage, extra attention is paid to the muscles by using deep tissue massage or percussion therapy. These special techniques create reactions in the body that promote muscle recovery. It improves blood circulation, reduces pain and stimulates recovery in your body. The result is an accelerated recovery.

The massage goes deep into the muscles, which sometimes feels uncomfortable. Then remember that you have to bite the bullet before you start feeling better. With this pain your body indicates that something is wrong and the masseur will correct this. The masseur will always check if the sports massage is not too intense.

For whom it is intended

Basically, a sports massage is meant for people who exercise frequently. However, the massage can also be very suitable for a non-athlete. It also has a relaxing effect on the whole body. For people who have complaints due to overloading, stress or a wrong posture, the massage can therefore also be very useful.

Because this massage is quite firm, it is not suitable just before or after a major effort. This would put too much strain on your muscles and you will suffer rather than benefit from it. If you want to have a massage just before you are going to make a big effort, always choose a massage that does not put too much strain on the muscles. A good sports masseur will ask you about this and adapt his massage accordingly.