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Rates overview

Below are the rates of the various massage possibilities.

Standard prices

Duration of the massagePrice
30 minutes30
45 minutes40
60 minutes50
75 minutes60
90 minutes70
All massage techniques except slimming massage, hot stone massage and scar release

Hot stone massage

Duration of the massagePrice
60 minutes60
Because of the preparation: in the early evening or in the weekend

Advantage card

5 x 30 minutes€142,50 **€ 7,50
10 x 30 minutes€ 270,00 **€ 30,00
5 x 60 minutes€ 237,50 **€ 12,50
10 x 60 minutes€ 450,00 **€ 50,00
5 x 90 minutes€ 332,50 **€ 17,50
10 x 90 minutes€ 630,00 **€ 70,00
Grab your convenience and discount with a discount card.
Card of 5 treatments: 5% discount
Card of 10 treatments: 10% discount
** Please note that the discount card must be paid in advance

Slimming massage

cure10€ 350 **
treatment with gasket10€ 400 **
individual treatment1€ 40
** the full amount must be paid at the first treatment of the cure

Scar release

30 minutes€ 35
45 minutes€ 45

Medical Taping

single or hay fever treatment€ 15
price per tape for other treatments€ 2,50

Gift certificate

gift certificate

Want to give a nice gift? Think about a gift voucher! Available from 10 euro (please contact us by mail or phone). The voucher is valid for two years.


Do you want to cancel an appointment? You can do this free of charge up to 24 hours in advance otherwise the costs will be charged to you in full. You can cancel by phone or email.

The first massage comes with a free intake.

The time per massage includes the time needed for changing clothes.


I accept cash, Apple Pay, and debit card payments.