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We all find it quite normal to go to the hairdresser regularly to have our hair looked after. We also regularly go to the beautician to have our faces treated. Or we go to the gym to work out muscles and/or lose weight. But making sure you get relaxed every month is not in our system. It doesn’t make sense …

A massage should be as necessary as the MOT for your car. It should be as common as your monthly haircut. After your monthly boost, you’ll feel great again.

Why relax with massage

Besides making you feel super good, massage gives you a number of benefits that you may not be aware of. These benefits make it clear that massage is a habit for long-term health and wellbeing

Less pain in muscles and joints

A massage loosens up all the muscles in your body. For many people this treatment is the perfect remedy for all kinds of physical complaints. Bottlenecks in your muscles and joints can cause your body to not move as smoothly as you would like.

Improves the immune system

Your immune system makes you less likely to get sick. A massage stimulates the lymph nodes in your body. These glands in turn produce more substances that put your immune system to work, making you feel even healthier and fitter.

Makes the skin healthier

The masseur takes care of your skin during a massage. This improves blood flow, making all the different layers of the skin healthier and stronger. A well-drained skin also suffers less from acne, for example, since inflammations can heal more quickly.

This good blood flow to your skin is also good if you suffer from damaged skin. Scars, stretch marks and wounds heal faster when the skin is well supplied with blood. That’s because good circulation encourages the cells in your skin to renew themselves more quickly, keeping your skin looking soft and young.

Makes your joints more flexible

Many athletes enjoy a good massage on a regular basis. This treatment removes waste products and therefore accelerates recovery. Also, the kneading motion of a massage makes your muscles warmer and looser, allowing them to move more smoothly.

You are more relaxed

Do you suffer from stress, dejection or nerves? Then it’s a great idea to get a massage. Relaxing massage stimulates the production of “feel-good” hormones that provide peace, relaxation and a good feeling. This relaxes your body, after which your mind slowly but surely comes to rest.

Your sleep is better

When your circulation improves, you feel calmer and more relaxed – like you’ve just been rejuvenated. When your mind is clear and calm after a good massage, you will enjoy a long and deep sleep.

Take that time to relax

We live in a busy world. A relaxing massage can help release tension from your body. With a massage you take time for yourself. No phone, mail, stress, mobile, traffic: in short, a mini vacation to relax and unwind. All alone for the most important person in the world: you.

Treat yourself to some relaxation (your housemates will love it too) and get away from it all. You can choose from: relaxation massage, hot stone massage or foot reflexology massage, so plenty of choice.